Transcript of Records - A consolidated record of your Bachelor's degree

The Transcript of Records (TOR) is basically a consolidated list of all the subject courses and respective grades of your Bachelor’s degree. The university from where you received your bachelor’s degree provides you with this document on request. Your transcript of records is one of the most crucial records that you will need while applying for master’s programs in Australia.

Transcript of Records

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Useful Tips

  • The Transcript of Records is not the same as a Grade Report.
  • Contact your Undergraduate College and request them for your academic Transcript of Records.
  • Request for as many Transcript of Records (TORs) as the number of colleges you will be applying for.
  • You may be charged with a nominal fee for the Transcript of Records.
  • Generally, a transcript has the signature of a university official on the university letterhead with the official university seal.
  • Your Transcript of Records must display your full name, the university’s complete name, the subject in which you completed your bachelor’s degree and the Board of Education (if any).
  • Apart from this, your Transcript Or Records must display details on all subjects you have studied, respective grades received, all honours achieved by the student (not necessary always).
  • The Transcript of Records must also indicate your overall grade or CGPA which is the average of all the grades you received through the semesters.
  • If the Transcripts do not have the credit system used, request your college for an official document stating the credit system for the courses and the grading system used for the final grading.
  • Usually, you will submit the Transcripts along with all documents of your application. However, for some universities, you may have to upload a scanned copy of your transcript.
  • Your Bachelor’s Institute might also be needed to mail the Transcripts themselves enclosed in an envelope. Confirm this with the university you are applying to.
  • Universities may not accept any notarised copies of your Transcripts. It is always recommended to send the original documents.

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