Application Timeline

Australian institutions have their academic year divided into two semesters. One of the intakes is in February, while the other intake is in July. If you are applying for admission for the February intake, your deadline can be anywhere from October to November. If you are applying for admission in July, your deadline is probably between April to May. The entire application procedure takes a maximum of about 10 months if strategically planned. Each university has its own timelines which may differ between universities. While most of the Indian students aim for the July intake, some courses are offered in only the February intake, so grab it before you miss it out.

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Application Timeline

You need to organise all the tasks, depending on your target intake, and meet the deadline. The table below gives our recommended plan for the same.

Summer 2020 Timeline (Approx.)


  • You might have a late beginning or even fall behind a few steps in the procedure. But don’t panic! If you can manage to complete all tasks, you can make throughthe entire admission process easily.
  • The prime time in applying for admission at a university is always immediately when the application period begins. But keep all your certificates and records ready well in advance.


The actual dates may change depending on the course, city, university, etc. The above table only presents a moregeneralised impression of the admission timeline.

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