Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your unique brochure. It features all the aspects that make you the optimal choice for any University. A Curriculum Vitae is distinct from a Resume. A Resume is directed more professionally, whereas a Curriculum Vitae for Postgraduate Studies is more academic-focused. In this part, we will be making your Curriculum Vitae from the very scratch.

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Typical time required: 2-3 days

Before You Start

  • Get all your academic certificates, records, achievements, medals, etc. together before you start with the CV so that you won't forget including relevant information.
  • See what kind of candidate your target university is expecting. You can go through the course details, research, Professor profiles etc.

For example, if you’re applying for the Mechanical Engineering Master’s programme at Trinity College Dublin, you might want to mention that internship at Mercedes in your CV. 

A golden rule of a CV for Master’s application is to focus more on the academic accomplishments over the professional ones. Professional involvements and achievements are also essential, but make sure to shine a light on academic ones.

Reference Documents

  • All the essential academic & extra-curricular accomplishment certificates.
  • Your language certificates, patents, work experience certificates, training certificates, if any
  • Your Undergraduate Final Year Project/Thesis details.

Step by step Guide

  • Think twice if you want to craft your CV from the beginning or simply improve your existing CV. Decide if you're going to go for an online readymade template or have it custom made on your PC.
  • Include your personal details. Include/exclude some subsections to suit your academic and professional profile. Match the information to your target University requirements.
  • Have the entire document within two pages.
  • Verify all the details you have entered, once you have finished drafting. Save the CV in the original WORD Format & as a PDF file.


  • Your Curriculum Vitae should be restricted to two (A4) pages.
  • The Admission Committee will spend only 2 to 3 minutes maximum in going through your Curriculum Vitae, so ensure that it is systematised, grammatically correct and easy to read.
  • Mention the timeline of the different events in the recent chronological order.
  • Irish Colleges prefer British English over American English in the CVs.

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