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A well-written Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a document that reveals your character, dreams and aspirations and gives context to your failures and accomplishments in life. Your SOP allows you to express yourself as a whole, something that no other application document can do. Although a non-official record, your SOP carries up to 30% weightage in deciding if you are a good candidate for the university- it demonstrates your drive to succeed. Your SOP must be an honest and genuine portrayal of your journey as a student and young professional. Through this document, you can explain all the choices you have made so far and also why you decided to apply to that particular university and course.

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  • Your Statement of Purpose has to be genuine and unique. You can be inspired but do not adapt from online SOP templates.
  • Make the best use of the opportunity to create a positive impression about your personality.
  • Demonstrate your communication skills by expressing yourself- both thoughts and emotions.
  • If you manage to create a good Statement of Purpose, you will have an upper hand over the other applicants.

Before You Start

  • Some universities ask for the Statement of Purpose to focus on a certain aspect. You should have a clear understanding of what is expected before starting the process.
  • There might also be official stipulations regarding the maximum number of words or pages that an SOP can have. Keep that in mind as well.
  • Stick to conventionally followed SOP formats. Unless you are applying for a course in an artistic field, use to standard SOP format.
  • It is strongly suggested that you write down everything you can possibly think of and then give yourself time to edit the first draft based on the essays you refer to.


  • Your CV or resume for a basic structure of your profile
  • Microsoft Word or any text editor that you are comfortable working with
  • Text to PDF converter- use a free one online
  • Grammarly- or any other free online grammar check software

Step by step Guide on how to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP)

No two people have the same story. Similarly, no two applicants can have similar SOPs. Your SOP should be as unique as you are as a person. The following points help you in doing so.

  • This is a document that takes a significant amount of time to work on. Start early so you have the leisure of pacing it out and editing thoroughly.
  • Begin your SOP creation by reading through your CV or resume and highlighting all the major educational and professional milestones in your life.
  • You do not need to mention everything again. What you should do is explain your motivations for the things you did and elaborate on what you learnt from the different experiences.
  • Have a blank piece of paper and write down why you want to study in Australia, why in that particular university and course. It is crucial that you have a convincing and inspiring justification for your application.
  • Do not worry about expressing yourself emotionally. It is precisely this feature that makes an SOP special. At the same time, do not be dramatic either. Your SOP is still an official admission document.
  • Write the stories behind your failures and achievements in life. Explain your acts and decisions and your journey to where you are today.
  • Have a friend or any trusted loved one read through your SOP draft and suggest changes. A fresh perspective will help you polish your SOP better.
  • In essence, your Statement of Purpose should reflect you; your values and personality. It should also have a positive and hopeful tone.
  • Recheck your Statement of Purpose to ensure that you have answered the most vital questions of why you want to join the university and course.
  • Run online grammar checks and proofread your SOP multiple times before converting the file to PDF and submitting it for review.

Useful Tips

  • Unlike the other documents for university applications, your Statement of Purpose needs time, deep thought and a lot of editing. It also requires you to have a minimum level of language skills that will assist you in expressing yourself effectively.
  • Your SOP should catch the admission officer’s attention. It should speak to the reader and convince him of your suitability as a student at the university.
  • Even if you are applying to multiple universities, your SOP must be modified accordingly based on- university profile, SOP criteria, course program.
  • Try to include your knowledge of the university in your SOP. You can mention the world ranking or reputation and prestige as an indication of your interest in being a student at the university.

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