Statement Of Purpose

A perfectly crafted SOP(also referred as a Graduate Essay) shines a light on the student’s character and personality, the highs and lows in their educational journey, something which the LOR& CV can’t do. Here, you lay down your tale in your words. It is the only non-official record that carries about 30% weightage in deciding your place at the University. You need to put forth the best, strongest points on what makes you the best choice for their programme.

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  • Every Graduate Essay is & has to be outstandingly unique!
  • This is the document which presents personally to the admission officials.
  • Your SOP must bring out your individuality and display your linguistic abilities and mastery in communicating thoughts.
  • An excellent Statement gives you an edge over all the other candidates who will be applying with a similar profile to yours.

Before You Start

  • Check if there is a topic given for the SOP, which needs to be addressed.
  • Do not exceed the word limit for SOP, if given. (500 words/2 pages/ 4500 characters etc. )
  • Never refer any other essay before writing yours down. Be accustomed to the standard format &make a rough draft. This refrains you from using the same sentences and structure of the referred one.


  • Your CV (optional)
  • Microsoft Word (or any text editor)
  • Text to PDF converter (optional)
  • Grammarly and Hemingway editor (Optional)

Step by step Guide

Your SOP is your personal story, and no one can pen down your story better than you. This guide should give you a proper agenda with which you can build your story.

  • Read through your Curriculum Vitae (CV). This will show what central points can be mentioned in the SOP. This will also help you in separating the SOP from a CV.
  • Remember - all your academic info & experiences have already been mentioned in the CV, so you needn’t mention them again in the SOP.
  • Traceback to a clear break-point, the one that has motivated you to set afoot on your current domain and is a confounding factor for you to pursue this degree.
  • Now you have enough content, to begin with. Sit down & begin your story. You must now add the essence &feelings into your CV.
  • Let your achievements and grades speak for you & recite the story behind them.
  • Have someone read through the prepared statement to get a different perspective on it. Check (i) Is the content coherent & easy to follow? (ii) Does it reflect you as a person? (iii) Does it bring out the right spirit? Edit accordingly.
  • Now go through the other samples online. This is just to ensure that your document is on par with the competition.
  • If your University/College expects you to answer any specific topic(s), make sure that you have responded to everything given in the question. e.g. What motivates you for this field? Why our College/University?
  • Now do the final editing; use free tools like Hemingway editor & Grammarly.
  • ‘Justify’ your SOP and insert the header and footer (if necessary) to make it complete.
  • Save it as a PDF. This will instantly make the SOP look far more professional.


  • Writing an outstanding, striking SOP takes a lot of effort & a lot of deep thinking.
  • 3-5 minutes is the maximum time allotted for anSOP.If your SOP is similar to others, it won't catch their attention.
  • If you are applying to many universities, you should make the admission officer feel that the SOP is written exclusively for their institution. Be smart about which info to mention/omit based on the college profile.
  • Different Universities have different accomplishments, ranked by various standards, accredited by many organisations. Including this in your essay would give the impression that you are well interested in them.

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