Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Now that you have secured an admission at your dream Australian university for your higher studies, your next step is to take care of all your post-admission related tasks. Before applying for a student visa, you would be first required to gather all your funds for your study in Australia. In order to do that, as an international student, you need to have an estimate of the overall cost of living in Australia.

Major costs for your student life in Australia include primarily your tuition fees, food and accommodation expenses, the cost of transportation, healthcare, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses that come with living away from home. Having an insight into the overall cost of living in Australia will help you plan for your funds through an education loan or other means in order to cover these expenses. With that in mind, in this blog, we have tried to cover all the major contributors for your overall cost of living in Australia, from the perspective of an international student.

1. Tuition Fees

The average tuition fee for a master’s degree in Australia lies anywhere between AU$20,000- AU$40,000. However, it may vary depending on the university and the course you choose. Proof of funds for paying the admitted university’s tuition fees needs to be submitted to the Visa office in order to get a Student Visa. You can check your tuition fee for the particular year on the university’s course website.

The average fee for various Master’s programs is outlined below:

Field Salary
Engineering AU$20,000 to AU$37,000
Accounting AU$38,400
Business AU$50,000 to AU$100,000

2. Living Cost

Cost of Living in Australia Living Cost

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  • Accommodation Cost

Your accommodation cost is the next major contributor for your overall cost of living in Australia. The rent for your accommodation may vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose. You can either opt for an on-campus accommodation like dormitories or off-campus accommodation like private rentals, shared accommodation or homestay. Your accommodation cost will also depend on the location you are living.

Outlined below are the cost estimates for different types of accommodation in Australia.

Accommodation Cost
Hostels and Guesthouses AU$90 to $150 per week
Shared Rental AU$95 to AU$215 per week
On-campus AU$110 to AU$280 per week
Homestay AU$235 to AU$325 per week
Rental AU$185 to AU$440 per week
Boarding schools $11,000 to AU$22,000 a year

Click on the link below for detailed information on accommodation options in Australia.

  • Food Expenses

In general, an international student may spend around AU$100-$150 a week for a proper meal from a restaurant in Australia, which could sum up to AU$5500-AU$7300 a year if you plan to eat out often. Relying completely on restaurants or takeouts for every single meal will definitely prove to be heavy on your pockets. However, if you prefer to cook your own meals rather than ordering them from restaurants, then you can cut down on your food expenses considerably. This again depends on how lavish or simple your meals are. Yet, eating at home is certainly a viable option for an international student.

Listed below is the Australian weekly average cost for everyday grocery items.

Food items Cost
Bread AU$7
Rice AU$0.97
Meat AU$27.27
Eggs AU$2.05
Dairy products AU$15.20
Fruit AU$12.27
Vegetables AU$16.24
Condiments AU$25.57
  • Commuting Expenses

Your monthly public transportation costs depend on the distance in most cities. In Sydney, a single adult fare starts at AU$2.10 and can go up to AU$4.50 with ferries being more expensive.

The price on Sundays is a flat AU$2.50, irrespective of where you go within the city, no matter if it is a bus or a ferry. Thus, ideally, Sunday is the perfect day for you to explore the wider surroundings of the city at a budgeted price.

Read this blog for detailed information on transportation options for international students studying in Australia.

  • Healthcare Cost

Depending on the insurance provider, your overseas student health cover cost will be somewhere between AU$1500 to AU$1650. Some of the companies like Australian Health Management, Bupa Australia, Medibank, Allianz Global Assistance, etc., have tied up with the universities to provide affordable health covers for students.

3. Other Expenses (Miscellaneous)

How Can You Save?

Cost of Living in Australia How can you save

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Cumulative Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Based on general statistics, the estimated average cost of living in Australia for International students is around AU$20,000 per year (excluding the tuition fees). Your tuition fee will depend on the course and college you choose to study, and whether you have a scholarship award or not. If you are aware of the exact figure of your tuition fee, add that to the average expense per year and you will have the cumulative cost of living in Australia. With this estimate, you can plan to arrange for your funds to study and live in Australia.

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